A Pleasing Purchase

I finally bought a new pendulum!  I love my stilbite pendulum, but I have known for months that a new pendulum was on the horizon.  I have spent those months picking up new pendulums in various metaphysical stores and asking my guide, Phillip if the one I was holding was the one for me.  The answer was always a resounding “No!”. 

I have seen some beauties out there, but none of them were made of the crystal that I have been hearing and seeing in my meditations.  This past week,  when I was at Circles of Wisdom in Andover, MA a particular pendulum caught my eye. 

Gleaming in the very back of the display was a clear pendulum with some green inclusions.  I picked it up and said out loud “Flourite!” and read the tag.  It was indeed flourite, and Swarovski crystal.  It was beautiful.  I held the chain and dangled the crystal down over the the crook of my finger.  Before I could even form the question in my head to see if this was the pendulum for me, the answer was “NO!”.  I put it back on the display, admiring the stunning piece and said maybe next week. 

Yesterday I was at Wild Women’s Studio in Laconia, NH and as if by magic, I was drawn to the very foremost front corner of the store.  Laying there, on a ceramic plate was a modest pretty green pendulum.  I picked it up and said to the store owner, This looks like flourite, and she said “That is because it is”.  I positioned the pendulum in my hand.  To my delight the pendulum was meant for me.  The cheerful green crystal delightfully began to swing with an emphatic “YES!” right away. 

I am so pleased with my new purchase and I am glad I waited to be united with the one pendulum that just seems to fit.  Patience certainly pays dividends. 

Green flourite helps to give balance to all areas of your life.  It is an excellent tool of discernment and acts as an energy shield, absorbing and dispersing negative energies, and therefore needs to be cleaned often.  It also can help you steer clear of deception and fraud.  Other metaphysical properties include protection from psychic manipulation, heightening of  intuition, and release of negative patterns.

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