A Pleasing Purchase

I finally bought a new pendulum!  I love my stilbite pendulum, but I have known for months that a new pendulum was on the horizon.  I have spent those months picking up new pendulums in various metaphysical stores and asking my guide, Phillip if the one I was holding was the one for me.  The answer was always a resounding “No!”. 

I have seen some beauties out there, but none of them were made of the crystal that I have been hearing and seeing in my meditations.  This past week,  when I was at Circles of Wisdom in Andover, MA a particular pendulum caught my eye. 

Gleaming in the very back of the display was a clear pendulum with some green inclusions.  I picked it up and said out loud “Flourite!” and read the tag.  It was indeed flourite, and Swarovski crystal.  It was beautiful.  I held the chain and dangled the crystal down over the the crook of my finger.  Before I could even form the question in my head to see if this was the pendulum for me, the answer was “NO!”.  I put it back on the display, admiring the stunning piece and said maybe next week. 

Yesterday I was at Wild Women’s Studio in Laconia, NH and as if by magic, I was drawn to the very foremost front corner of the store.  Laying there, on a ceramic plate was a modest pretty green pendulum.  I picked it up and said to the store owner, This looks like flourite, and she said “That is because it is”.  I positioned the pendulum in my hand.  To my delight the pendulum was meant for me.  The cheerful green crystal delightfully began to swing with an emphatic “YES!” right away. 

I am so pleased with my new purchase and I am glad I waited to be united with the one pendulum that just seems to fit.  Patience certainly pays dividends. 

Green flourite helps to give balance to all areas of your life.  It is an excellent tool of discernment and acts as an energy shield, absorbing and dispersing negative energies, and therefore needs to be cleaned often.  It also can help you steer clear of deception and fraud.  Other metaphysical properties include protection from psychic manipulation, heightening of  intuition, and release of negative patterns.

Dowsing Without Manipulation

I videotaped an experiment that I conducted in my basement about Pendulum work, and if the person dowsing is actually manipulating it or not. 

Click here to view video Dowsing Without Manipulation.

In the video, I have hung my pendulum on a copper pipe that has been drained for the winter.  It is the pipe that feeds the garden hose.  There is no running water or heat associated with this pipe.  As you can see in the video, I have taken the human hand out of the equation, thereby making it impossible to manipulate the pendulum conciously or subconsiously.     

Acting upon the advice of Chris Gentry, I repeated the experiment, but this time hanging the pendulum on a cold water pipe that is fully charged.  I received the same results.  I once again experimented on the cold water pipe, but this time with water actively running through.  I received the same results.

I switched to a fully charged hot water pipe.  The pipe was warm to the touch.  I attached the pendulum with the big silver piece for me to hold around the copper and left it there until it was perfectly still.  Suprisingly, when I resumed the experiment, the results were the same.   As I was asking the yes and no questions, the yes answers were consistently counter clockwise, and the no answers were back and forth.   Another thing that was consistent between all of the pipes, was the velocity, or strength of the pendulum movement.  I asked if any energy was being received from the pipes and the answer was no.  I asked if the energy was coming through me and the answer was yes. 

One thing I noticed right away during the experiment was that when I am holding the pendulum in my hand it moves with much more force and certainty.  When I was only attached by my fingertips, it moved in a much weaker fashion.  Is this due to the energy having to travel a greater distance?   Like with the old fashioned telephone service, long distance and transatlantic calls were faint and you had a hard time connecting.  Maybe this is true to this energy experiment as well.  

What are your thoughts?  I am always interested in your ideas!

Thank You!

I just wanted to give a great big THANK YOU to Lauren Rainbow and Elizabeth Foley for sponsoring and coordinating the Mind Body Heart and Soul Expo today at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Nashua.  Even with the humongous task of finding a new venue to hold the Expo, after the Radisson unexpectedly closed, the event went off without a hitch. 

I would also like to thank all of the wonderful people who stopped and talked with me and those who bought a copy of my book.  It was a great being able to listen to your experiences and to share some of mine with you.  

 Lesley  xxxooo

Radio Appearance on Ghost Chronicles with Ron Kolek

It was my pleasure to be a guest on Ghost Chronicles the Next Generation and I would like to thank Ron Kolek and Anne Kerrigan for having me. If you missed it and would like to hear the interview, click here http://toginet.com/shows/ghostchronicles, recorded on 1-19-2011.

To download the episode, please click here http://toginet.com/podcasts/ghostchronicles/NewEnglandGhostProjectLIVE_2011-01-19-18-56.mp3?type=showpage.

The Battle of the Orbs

Every once in a while, we take pictures at family gatherings or at random places and sometimes those pictures contain orbs.  Orbs seem to be more prevalent in pictures now than ever before.  I believe this is due to a couple of reasons. 

With the ease of digital photography it doesn’t matter how many pictures you take, as compared to the old film cameras where you would save your precious frames of film for something important because each frame cost money to develop.  More pictures are being taken, so understandibly there are more opportunities to catch orbs and anomalies in your photos.

Another reason for more orbs caught in digital photography is the placement of the flash on the camera itself.  It is much closer to the lens, therefore if there is dust, moisture or pollen in the air that is close to the lens it is much easier for that particle to be illuminated.  But is every orb dust, moisture or pollen?  I have some examples to compare.

This photo is an example of dust.

This photo was taken on a private investigation at a residence with horse stables. 

You can see the small particles of dust that were being kicked up as we were walking through the stable.  The closer the dust particles get to the lens,  the larger they appear.  In this photo the particles are not too close to the lens and are easily identifiable.   They are dull and grey brown in color.   There wasn’t much of any spiritual activity reported by the owner at this end of the barn. 

This next photo is an example of moisture. 

There is almost always moisture in the air, but on this evening it was misting.  The water droplets are clearly seen and are very bright and white.  I have also taken pictures in cemeteries at night and seen random water droplets appear in my pictures.  Do not always jump to the conclusion that what you see within your photos is spirit activity.  Look at your photos with an unprejudiced eye.  It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of catching something that you forget to think logically.

Next is an example where dust or pollen could possibly be ruled out.  In these pictures we have the same gravestone at Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua, NH.  I usually take pictures when I am feeling the presence of energy.  The first picture was taken at 7:35 pm.  I continued to walk around the cemetery and took more pictures.  Feeling energy, I snapped the next picture, unaware that it was the same stone at 8:04 pm.  It appears the orb of energy has not moved much from the original picture taken at 7:35 pm.  Note there are not other anomalies around.  Coincidence?  What are the chances of dust, pollen or moisture staying within the same vicinity for 30 minutes?    

If you have an orb in your picture that you believe is your Great Aunt Wilma and she is sitting on your shoulder, there must be a reason for you to think so.  I believe that spirit energy does show up in photographs and we should take note that spirits of family members and others are around us.  There will always be naysayers that will tell you that all orbs are dust, moisture, pollen or even bugs.  I would never tell you that Aunt Wilma is just dust.  All orbs are not dust, just as all orbs are not spirit energy.

Thoughts for this New Year’s Eve

Today I shed all of the things that are not for my highest good and bring with me the lessons learned from them. I walk ahead grateful for the education the past year has provided me. I am thankful for yet another year to learn and grow! Here is to a healthy and happy new year my friends!!  Be thankful, be kind, be love ♥

Wedding Crasher

Everyone loves an interesting photo, and here is another from my collection. 

This photo was taken at my wedding in 1988. The man shown is my husband’s father.

He is standing inside my friend’s kitchen. Through the curtained window, you can see across the empty garage to the outside window on the far wall.

It was grey and overcast outside, and there was no one smoking. 

There is a strange streak of light that suggests movement and seems to be surrounded by a mist of some sort.  The shape of the anomaly almost resembles that of a rib cage and spine.

My husband’s mother died just months before this picture was taken.  Might she have accompanied her husband to be at the wedding?


Lately, I have found that more and more people are asking me about signs from beyond.  As you all know, I am a firm believer in signs. 

They can show up anywhere, literally, but it is up to you to notice and recognize their meaning.   They may show up in the form of a song on the muzak at the mall that you directly connect to a person who has passed. 

Maybe you are routinely plodding through your day and you have an out of the ordinary object placed in your path, or you see a random cloud formation that is only there for moments.  It could possibly be in the form of a feeling of comfort that comes over you when you are upset.   Seeing a certain image or piece of art may spark a memory of a certain person who has passed and may be a sign. 

Perhaps, as in this instance, you may read something randomly.

One day as I was driving on the highway, I was thinking about a former colleague of mine.  I had worked with this person and had long, long talks with him.   He and I had both been hurt by people who were trying to make a quick buck through deception.  We both commiserated about how they lied about credentials and boasted untruthfully about things they had done and the people they had(n’t) worked with.  False claims were even made about genealogy. 

We were both used and conned, as were many of our friends and aquaintances.  We spoke about how truth is so important, especially in the paranormal field, where the truth and your credibility go hand in hand.  It is all you have. 

After having these therapeutic talks with my former colleague, I was shocked when he started down the exact same path of deceit.  This caused me great distress, that I had been deceived, yet again.  I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around how passionately he spoke about being truthful, yet he was making claims that are completely false. 

Just then, a car passed me on the right hand side at a high rate of speed which grabbed my attention.  The license plate on the car read PSALM 37.  Really? PSALM 37?   When I reached my destination I looked it up using the King James version of the Bible.

Psalm 37 addresses the question of why the wicked prosper while the people who try to do the right thing suffer.   It also says that the wicked’s prosperity will only be temporary because God will reverse things by punishing the wicked and rewarding the good.

WOW!  This message was the solution to my struggle.

 I was thinking about this problem that was troubling me, and the answer appeared.  It was right there for me to notice on the bumper of a speeding car. 

 That, my friends, was a neon sign.  I noticed it, I accepted it and I am thankful for it. 

Because of this sign I am at peace with what my former colleague is doing, because I know that he will not prosper by telling lies or half-truths.  It is on him.  His own actions will cause his downfall. 

I choose to stay on the righteous path of truth.

Signs can also tell of future events, things to watch out for or be prepared for. I sometimes see images or faces embedded in photographs or in random patterns of ceiling tiles, wallpaper, woodgrain or floor tiles.  Sometimes I recognize that they look like things or people I know.  Some would put that phenomenon down to Matrixing, where your brain automatically wants to make faces and images out of randomness.  Sometimes, maybe it is, but I take note and keep that thing or person in mind and focus on them while I meditate.

A friend recently sent me a picture of a lit Christmas tree.  On the wall, in the pattern of the reflection of the lights, stands a little boy and behind him stands an angel.  It is from 2 years ago.  I believe with all that I am that this was a sign to pay attention to this boy before he started down a dangerous path.  Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20. 

Pay attention and listen to you heart.  Be aware that there are signs all around you from loved ones who have passed and from the Angelic Realm. 

Slow down, take time to notice what you might have just passed by without a second thought.  Look for the signs and be receptive of their meanings.  Someone may be trying to tell you something!

The Rare Effect


My book Medium, Rare; A first hand account of growing up experiencing the paranormal is the story of me growing up with a heightened awareness of spirit activity.

When I sat down to write about the things that happened to me along my life’s journey, I thought to myself how it might help someone out there who is experiencing, or had experienced the same types of things I have and may be afraid to tell anyone.   After it was finished I wondered if I should put it out there into the world.  I had held on to these encounters so tightly for so long. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing by loosening my grasp and throwing my experiences carelessly in to the air like a bride throwing a bouquet.

After making that colossal toss and holding my breath for what seemed like an eternity, I started to get some feedback on what I had written.  Almost every response I receive includes a personal encounter that the reader has experienced.  People that I have grown up with who have read the book have told of creepy happenings as well as total strangers. 

Scientists claim that there is no proof of such things, therefore they can not be true.

Because there is no science to support an encounter with a spirit doesn’t make it untrue.  The truth is in your experience.  Not everything can be recreated in a lab.  Can you recreate the feeling of heartbreak and measure the extreme depth of feelings on a monitor?   Can you recreate the moon?  The moon is real, I can see it.  When these scientists go to Heaven,  are they going to look God in the face and tell him, I couldn’t recreate a spirit in my lab, therefore you are a figment of my imagination?

I have been on investigations where more than one person has the same experience as it unfolds before them.   I  have seen and heard evidence from investigations that has been dismissed by nay sayers that clearly shows the faces of people, spirit activity or the sounds of human interaction. 

As it turns out, a lot of honest, intelligent, sane people have shared with me that they have had some sort of paranormal experience within their lifetime.

I have very much enjoyed reading what those of you have shared with me.  Thank you for taking the time to write a response to my book.  I honor that what you experienced is true.  We learn from our experiences, our experiences are our truth.