Dowsing Without Manipulation

I videotaped an experiment that I conducted in my basement about Pendulum work, and if the person dowsing is actually manipulating it or not. 

Click here to view video Dowsing Without Manipulation.

In the video, I have hung my pendulum on a copper pipe that has been drained for the winter.  It is the pipe that feeds the garden hose.  There is no running water or heat associated with this pipe.  As you can see in the video, I have taken the human hand out of the equation, thereby making it impossible to manipulate the pendulum conciously or subconsiously.     

Acting upon the advice of Chris Gentry, I repeated the experiment, but this time hanging the pendulum on a cold water pipe that is fully charged.  I received the same results.  I once again experimented on the cold water pipe, but this time with water actively running through.  I received the same results.

I switched to a fully charged hot water pipe.  The pipe was warm to the touch.  I attached the pendulum with the big silver piece for me to hold around the copper and left it there until it was perfectly still.  Suprisingly, when I resumed the experiment, the results were the same.   As I was asking the yes and no questions, the yes answers were consistently counter clockwise, and the no answers were back and forth.   Another thing that was consistent between all of the pipes, was the velocity, or strength of the pendulum movement.  I asked if any energy was being received from the pipes and the answer was no.  I asked if the energy was coming through me and the answer was yes. 

One thing I noticed right away during the experiment was that when I am holding the pendulum in my hand it moves with much more force and certainty.  When I was only attached by my fingertips, it moved in a much weaker fashion.  Is this due to the energy having to travel a greater distance?   Like with the old fashioned telephone service, long distance and transatlantic calls were faint and you had a hard time connecting.  Maybe this is true to this energy experiment as well.  

What are your thoughts?  I am always interested in your ideas!

One thought on “Dowsing Without Manipulation”

  1. Happy to have stumbled here via Youtube. Looking forward to reading more. I’m fascinated with your experiment and will be trying my own hand at it.

    To be honest, I’d have to say it has a lot to do energy being directed through the larger metal piece. I’ve tried something similar but with a normal pendulum (just holding the chain) and I’ve not received any movement. I’d also guess that it might take some practice to build up sending that energy the same as any other skill. Of course, you may not want to hang out in the basement looking up at pipes that long… 😉

    I’m fascinated with the experiment and will be trying my own hand at it.

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