Wedding Crasher

Everyone loves an interesting photo, and here is another from my collection. 

This photo was taken at my wedding in 1988. The man shown is my husband’s father.

He is standing inside my friend’s kitchen. Through the curtained window, you can see across the empty garage to the outside window on the far wall.

It was grey and overcast outside, and there was no one smoking. 

There is a strange streak of light that suggests movement and seems to be surrounded by a mist of some sort.  The shape of the anomaly almost resembles that of a rib cage and spine.

My husband’s mother died just months before this picture was taken.  Might she have accompanied her husband to be at the wedding?

3 thoughts on “Wedding Crasher”

  1. Oh I agree… When looking back at my wedding video, and here I was married in the middle of the summer and it was hot and humid no wind or anything and I seen my grandfather’s spirit huvering our heads and here my grandfather past away in April 1989 in California and here my husband and I got married in Lochmere, NH in 1997…. He for sure didn’t want to miss his favorite grandchild’s wedding by now means….=D

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