A Divine Encounter

I am a firm believer that there are Angels as well as Spirits around us everyday.  I also believe that my life is being Divinely guided.  On June 5, 2010 I had what I believe was an encounter with the Divine.

I was driving south with my daughter down Union Ave in Laconia, NH, when I noticed a very bright silvery pink glow from across Paugus Bay.  To my astonishment I saw the figure of a woman standing in the clouds over Lakeport.

I asked my daughter “Oh, my God, Can you see that?” She pointed to the silver pink glow and said “That?”  I excitedly told her to grab her cell phone and take a picture of it.  She complained that she didn’t want to take a picture of a cloud, but I insisted.  I told her to take the picture on the count of three and she did.  I then instructed her to send it immediately to my email. 

When I got home and opened up the image at my computer, I was astonished that my eyes did in fact see what I thought they had seen, a woman in the clouds.  I posted it immediately to my facebook account, but people couldn’t see her.  I reposted the picture, this time darkened for contrast, to make the woman more visible.  Still, people were not seeing her and were looking elsewhere in the clouds.  I then traced her outline. 

Could this be the Blessed Virgin?  Was she there for me to notice?  Was she sending me a confirmation that my life is being guided by the Divine?  I know in my heart the answer to these questions.  What do you believe?

The Face of a Spirit?

Recently,  I was working as a medium at an event in Salem, MA.  I was taking some pictures to document what was going on while Ron Kolek of the New England Ghost Project read a spell crafted by Christian Day to invoke the spirits to show themselves so we could photograph them. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts it to illegal to enter a graveyard after dark, so we stood outside of the Howard Street Cemetery at the stone wall.  I placed my camera on the wall, pointed it toward  the candle and pressed the button.

As you can see, it is a normal picture of a lit candle.  Then I pressed the button again.

I noticed in ths picture that there were green and red lines running horizontally, and other vertical lines as well.  I couldn’t imagine why that would be so I decided to raise the brightness in the picture to see if I could see what was going on, and this is what appeared.

I can understand how this picture could be easily and hastily dismissed because the face is so perfectly centered.  I can guarantee that it has not been tampered with.  I have sent the original file to a Professor of Photography at Dartmouth College to study the image and verify that is has not been altered. 

What do you think?


It is true! I have written a book!

To most of my friends, the contents of this book may be a bit shocking. I have always kept my paranormal experiences very private. Even my aquaintences in the paranormal field have never heard me tell of the happenings in this book. I decided that if one is to truly accept who they are, then they have nothing to hide. So here I go, placing my trust in the Universe. 

This is my way of living by example. I think that everyone should embrace who they really are and celebrate what they have to offer. You are the ONLY you there is. Honor that who you are and what you do makes a difference in someones life. 

That is my goal, to make a difference.

Everyday I wake up with the intention to be a positive force in this world and I smile at everyone.  It is such a small thing, but think how it can make a change in someone’s day.  I love being at the grocery store or on the street and  happen upon a person who looks like they aren’t having the best of days.  A genuine smile and a warm greeting can potentially bring them a small piece of happiness when they thought there was none and hopefully help them to feel better.

This book can also make a difference.  I know that I am the only me there is, but I am sure there are thousands of other people out there who have had similar experiences and keep them to themselves for fear of being made fun of.   For those people, you are not crazy.  I am sitting here as living proof of that.  No, really! 

I hope to use this website to post things that I find interesting to include some cool paranormal stuff that I stumble across, just by being me.  Please check back soon, you never know what might pop up.

Until then, buy my book!