A Divine Encounter

I am a firm believer that there are Angels as well as Spirits around us everyday.  I also believe that my life is being Divinely guided.  On June 5, 2010 I had what I believe was an encounter with the Divine.

I was driving south with my daughter down Union Ave in Laconia, NH, when I noticed a very bright silvery pink glow from across Paugus Bay.  To my astonishment I saw the figure of a woman standing in the clouds over Lakeport.

I asked my daughter “Oh, my God, Can you see that?” She pointed to the silver pink glow and said “That?”  I excitedly told her to grab her cell phone and take a picture of it.  She complained that she didn’t want to take a picture of a cloud, but I insisted.  I told her to take the picture on the count of three and she did.  I then instructed her to send it immediately to my email. 

When I got home and opened up the image at my computer, I was astonished that my eyes did in fact see what I thought they had seen, a woman in the clouds.  I posted it immediately to my facebook account, but people couldn’t see her.  I reposted the picture, this time darkened for contrast, to make the woman more visible.  Still, people were not seeing her and were looking elsewhere in the clouds.  I then traced her outline. 

Could this be the Blessed Virgin?  Was she there for me to notice?  Was she sending me a confirmation that my life is being guided by the Divine?  I know in my heart the answer to these questions.  What do you believe?

6 thoughts on “A Divine Encounter”

  1. Yes Lesley I do see it. I saw it before but it is way clearer in the 3rd picture. To me the darker one with out the outline, that is where I see it the most. I remember you putting this up on facebook and I did see it then too. Great eye !!!

  2. If you would not have said a word about the picture I could immediately tell that it is Mary. I have painted pictures of the Madonna and child and it is easy for me to see her.
    I see it as the feminine energy manifesting…a gift. <3

  3. That is a very cool pic. I can see the woman but I can also see what looks like a person on a horse with a winged helmet, like one of the valkyries. Either way, I believe that divine intervention happens on a daily basis. This was a sign meant for you. Isn’t it nice when that happens?

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