The Face of a Spirit?

Recently,  I was working as a medium at an event in Salem, MA.  I was taking some pictures to document what was going on while Ron Kolek of the New England Ghost Project read a spell crafted by Christian Day to invoke the spirits to show themselves so we could photograph them. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts it to illegal to enter a graveyard after dark, so we stood outside of the Howard Street Cemetery at the stone wall.  I placed my camera on the wall, pointed it toward  the candle and pressed the button.

As you can see, it is a normal picture of a lit candle.  Then I pressed the button again.

I noticed in ths picture that there were green and red lines running horizontally, and other vertical lines as well.  I couldn’t imagine why that would be so I decided to raise the brightness in the picture to see if I could see what was going on, and this is what appeared.

I can understand how this picture could be easily and hastily dismissed because the face is so perfectly centered.  I can guarantee that it has not been tampered with.  I have sent the original file to a Professor of Photography at Dartmouth College to study the image and verify that is has not been altered. 

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “The Face of a Spirit?”

  1. What ever came about with this picture? I know it wasn’t tampered with, but was Dartmouth about to verify this picture?

    1. The last I heard from Dartmouth was from the man who is examining the picture. Brian Miller said he really can’t say for
      sure that the image is anything other than background noise that coincidentally has the appearance of a face or perhaps a reflection. He said that he wanted to study it more before he gave his final analysis. I will give an update as soon I receive his findings.

  2. Interesting picture. I do see the face. I’ll be interested in hearing the final analysis. Thanks for posting.

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