Pyschometry Happens

My daughter and my son in law were busy in my backyard trying out their new metal detector. They got a few hits. They dug up a button and a soda can my brother had hastily discarded in the mid eighties, but they also dug up a most interesting find.

My daughter said “Look what Andy found!” and placed a circular item into my hand. As soon as I took it I saw trains and railways. I brought it inside and washed the caked on dirt off. It was a pocket watch which was missing its crystal and the back cover was lifted and bent up slightly.

For those who have no idea what psychometry is, it is the act of reading an object. When psychics read a person, they are reading the energy surrounding them. With psychometry, you are reading the object’s energy and seeing where the object has been or depending on the energy given off, the feelings attached to it.

Being curious, I had my daughter look up how old the watch was by the company name and etchings that were on back. She found a the same make watch on Etsy and the description relayed that it was from the 1920’s.

Later, while holding the watch, I was compelled to look up the uniform of a 1920’s New Hampshire Railroad employee. When I looked at the image in front of me I gasped. It is the same uniform worn by the man in my window photograph from this blog in 2014.

I had put this image on my Facebook page and in the comments people were saying they could see the part in his hair along the white screen frame, and I said, I see him in a hat. If you look at the uniform photo and look back at the image in the window, you can see the metal piece on the front of the hat.

What are your thoughts?  I love to hear your comments.

One thought on “Pyschometry Happens”

  1. Hi Lesley,
    I am a very strong believer in psychometry. I find this very interesting and love your postings.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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