Has Anyone Seen The Silverware?

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself,” ~ Carl Sagan

Can we manipulate matter and energy on the atomic or subatomic level? This is the basis of quantum mechanics or quantum physics. My brain hurts by just the thought of trying to unravel the mystery and science within quantum theory, but for me, simply put, it explains how this not very strong lady with grandma muscles can bend a spoon or fork with minimal effort on the physical plane.

Our intention and our thoughts are VERY POWERFUL. Can you imagine the good we can produce by focusing our energy in a POSITIVE manner?

I recently attended a workshop led by Dr. Gene Ang. He is an attractive, fit, soft spoken man who led the class with a calm, nurturing energy. He showed the class many different ways to use quantum techniques to bend metal and also heal ourselves and others.

With quantum techniques, you are using finite amounts of energy across the seven planes of existence. Physical, Ethereal, Astral, Mental, Causal, Spiritual and Divine. By using your intention, you automatically pull the energy, and only the amount you need, from these different planes or energy sources. As a Medium, I receive information from spirit the same way, by tapping into these levels of existence. I don’t know how it works, I only know that it does, by the information I receive and bring forth psychically, and by the outcomes of the spoons and forks I have manipulated physically.

Once your intention is set and the process is put to motion, there is a small window of opportunity, from 3 to 7 seconds where the metal is malleable enough to bend and once the time has passed, the metal becomes firm once again.  People in the workshop who had never done it before were elated when their utensils bent at their will.  Some had better results than others.

Before I attended Dr. Ang’s workshop, I had been using other techniques that I had learned through friends along the way and I have been taking part in quantum spoon bending for some time.

To view a video I placed on Facebook some months ago, where I used a previously learned technique, with an unexpected outcome, click here.

The photos in the article are the actual spoons and forks I used during Dr. Ang’s presentation.   As you can see, these spoons and forks aren’t skimpy or flimsy by any stretch.   I challenge you to try bending the tines of a fork with your bare hands.   I believe there is a tangible validity to the quantum theory in the outcomes produced by quantum spoon bending.

If you are interested, Ron Kolek and I will be sharing our knowledge and some techniques of quantum spoon bending Sunday, September 30, 2018 at Spirit Quest 2018 At Veasey Memorial Park in Groveland, MA.  For More information, go to the New England Ghost Project website: neghostproject.com.

Pyschometry Happens

My daughter and my son in law were busy in my backyard trying out their new metal detector. They got a few hits. They dug up a button and a soda can my brother had hastily discarded in the mid eighties, but they also dug up a most interesting find.

My daughter said “Look what Andy found!” and placed a circular item into my hand. As soon as I took it I saw trains and railways. I brought it inside and washed the caked on dirt off. It was a pocket watch which was missing its crystal and the back cover was lifted and bent up slightly.

For those who have no idea what psychometry is, it is the act of reading an object. When psychics read a person, they are reading the energy surrounding them. With psychometry, you are reading the object’s energy and seeing where the object has been or depending on the energy given off, the feelings attached to it.

Being curious, I had my daughter look up how old the watch was by the company name and etchings that were on back. She found a the same make watch on Etsy and the description relayed that it was from the 1920’s.

Later, while holding the watch, I was compelled to look up the uniform of a 1920’s New Hampshire Railroad employee. When I looked at the image in front of me I gasped. It is the same uniform worn by the man in my window photograph from this blog in 2014.

I had put this image on my Facebook page and in the comments people were saying they could see the part in his hair along the white screen frame, and I said, I see him in a hat. If you look at the uniform photo and look back at the image in the window, you can see the metal piece on the front of the hat.

What are your thoughts?  I love to hear your comments.

A Hot Summer Day Investigaton

Anne Kerrigan, Ronald Kolek and Lesley Marden
Anne Kerrigan, Ronald Kolek and Lesley Marden

On a steamy Thursday in July, I met up with Ronald Kolek and Anne Kerrigan to investigate the ruins of The Rutland Prison Camp in Rutland, MA. We presented our findings on the video-cast of Ghost Chronicles Next Generation.  Click the link below to watch and see what we found!

Ghost Chronicles Next Generation, Rutland Prison Camp Investigation

Mysterious Woman On Mount Shaw

Here is an interesting photo that I haven’t posted because I had submitted the article to an online magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine hasn’t been able to launch because of technical issues. It has been a few years now, so I am posting it here.

On October 8, 2012, my sister, my brother in law and two of their friends went for a hike on Mt. Shaw in the Ossipee Mountain Range of New Hampshire. When they reached a good spot to take a break, they stopped for a snack and a drink. My sister reached into her bag and grabbed her camera. She took some photos of her friends and the scenery and then they proceeded on their way.

When they got to the top of the mountain it was overcast and chilly with a light rain falling. My sister grabbed her camera once more and took more pictures. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary while they were on their hike, but when my sister got home and checked out what was on her camera from their day, she noticed this odd photo and immediately sent it to me.MtShawMystery

She believes when she grabbed her camera out of her bag, she must have pressed the shutter button, because she does not remember taking this picture. To the left is her friend’s jacket. You can see his chest and his arm that has a zippered pocket on the sleeve. His arm is bent, and you can see the little droplets of rain on his coat.

What is interesting, is the person that is standing beyond him, in the crook of his arm, was not a member of their foursome. Not one person was wearing a red jacket or even resembles the person in this picture. There were no other people around them on the trail when they stopped or at the summit.
It almost looks as if the person is wearing some sort of veil over their face. You can definitely make out a nose, neck, chin, mouth and brow and cheek bones, but there is a void where the eyes should be. I can’t tell if her eyes are closed or if they are missing.
Who is this mystery person and what is she doing on Mt. Shaw?

A New Venture

As some of you know, I am a Reiki Master Teacher, and I have been making Reiki infused candles with added prayers of positive intent. I sell them at the events that I attend and recently opened an Etsy Shop as well.

This past weekend I attended Spirit Quest at the Veasey Memorial Park in Groveland, MA. I was giving Angel Card readings and co-hosted a workshop on Dowsing with my friend, Maureen Wood.  I was also selling my candles, but this year I brought something new!

I said to my friend Ron Kolek a while back that I was going to start making protection sprays that are also blessed with the healing power of Reiki and prayers of positive intent. Ron responded with “Why don’t we join up and make my “Special Blend.”

Ron always uses his special blend of protection spray during paranormal investigations to protect the members of the New England Ghost Project from unwanted spirit attachments and our electronic equipment from sudden battery drain. Ron, Maureen and I swear that it works.  It is mentioned in the book Ghost Chronicles: A Medium and a Paranormal Scientist Investigate 17 True Hauntings, by Maureen Wood and Ron Kolek.

People have been asking Ron for years if he could make them his special blend, and he and I have done just that. It comes packaged in an amber glass bottle, with Saint Michael’s Prayer and a silver cross. It contains a mixture of Holy Water, Sage Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and Whiskey. I also bless the bottles with Reiki and prayers of positive intent.

You can find Van Helsing’s Special Blend Spiritual Smudge Spray at my Etsy shop. While you are there, please browse and favorite the items you like, so when you decide you would like the item you can find it quickly.

Also available is my spirit smudge spray, Protect Me.  Protect Me contains proven ancient protectants, including Sea Salt and Mustard Seed, as well as Sage Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Distilled Water and is infused with Reiki and prayers of positive intent.

I am  always trying to spread light and positivity.  I created my candles and sprays to help reach people who are in need of protection, light and healing energy.   I hope you, too will try to let your inner light shine through, so you too can be Positively Brilliant!  🙂 xo

When You Are Online What Are You Connected To?

More and more people are picking up their smartphones to keep up with social media, posting their lives online and watch others do the same. I see people at concerts and public events taking video and watching the experience that is unfolding right in front of them through a tiny little screen, therefore missing the whole purpose of being there in person in the first place. If you wanted to watch what was going on instead of experiencing it first hand, stay home and pull up a You Tube clip. People are missing out on life all together.

The more we are plugged in, the less connected we are to our lives and our loved ones. We are also less connected to ourselves and to spirit.

It is so important to spend time unplugged from everything. Leave your phone at home and take a walk in the woods to be with yourself and connect with the universe. Be a part of the world and it’s beauty. Take time to close your eyes and breathe in the fresh air and the silence.

We are all spirits who are housed within a physical body. Not only do we need to take care of this one body we have been given for this lifetime, we also have to take care of our souls, our connection to spirit and to each other.

We have been given this time on Earth to experience life and to learn and grow from it. Our living family members, Spirit Guides and loved ones who have passed, who want to connect with us aren’t being given the chance to be noticed because our attention is glued to electronic devices.

Don’t live this life in a virtual world. Connect to what matters.

“Summer Fun” At EBCTV On Ghost Chronicles-Next Generation

ghostchroniclesngWhat do you do in February, when the snow banks are 7 feet high and the temperatures are below zero?  You pretend it is summer!  That is what happened on this episode of Ghost Chronicles-Next Generation anyway!

I would like to thank my friends Ron Kolek and Anne Kerrigan for having me on their show.  As always, I absolutely love being with them both, and I think you can see how well we really do get along here, when we are talking about, demonstrating and doing experiments with dowsing. To watch, click here!

Somebody’s Watching

I spend my time doing some interesting stuff, but on this particular evening, I was procrastinating. I was supposed to be cleaning, but instead I found myself looking at some coins that I had thrown into a little wooden box on my sideboard.

I had recently been to a vending machine that took five dollar bills and had spat out dollar coins as change. I had dumped them with the rest of the change that I collect from various pockets while doing laundry, and as I was pretending to dust, I noticed my coins were piling up and decided to count them. I grabbed out some coins and chuckled to myself, as I had a Gettysburg quarter and Ulysses S. Grant dollar coin in my hand. I thought “What are the odds of that happening” and decided to take a photo of them with my phone. That is when I realized that I was being watched.

I instinctively looked toward the spot where I felt the eyes of a male staring at me, toward the window. I did not see anyone out there, and snapped two pictures with my phone. I opened up the second one first, because the last photo you take is the first one that opens. There was nothing unusual about it, just a picture of a window. I studied it to make sure I didn’t miss windowmanbanything.

When I opened the first photo, I immediately noticed a face. “There you are!” I said to myself and then I said “Thank you” out loud to the spirit who allowed me to photograph him.  I noticed that he is wearing an open uniform coat with shiny buttons running down his chest.  Others who have seen this photo say they can see the part in his hair, and that it appears to be in front of the white metal of the window screen frame.  I personally see him in my minds eye wearing a hat, so when I look at this photo I think he is wearing a hat.  Leave your comments below, I always love to hear what other’s think.

I have been very lucky to catch the images of those who have passed.  I am grateful they allow me to do so.  A polite word can go a long way, SO… If any other spirits are willing, I would like to put it out there that I would be happy and honored to be their photographer!  Say “Cheese”!


Ask And You Shall Receive

There have been so many changes in my life this past year and I have been so busy.  I have recently moved, I have been writing articles for a new web-based magazine that should be debuting very soon.  I have put yet another of my Newfoundlands through obedience training and I have continued to investigate haunted locations with The New England Ghost Project all while  providing spiritual guidance and Reiki healing to my clients.

I have also been doing what we all do, going to work, taking care of family, and incorporating something really scary into my schedule, that would be going to the gym.  I love my life and being on the go, but unfortunately I have let a few things slide.  One of those things being writing on this web page, and the other, taking time for myself to just be.

When my kids were in college, I would get up each day to a quiet house.  My husband goes to work very early in the mornings, so I would start each new day off with a morning meditation.  I LOVE MEDITATION!  It is the one thing that I can do for myself that I see immediate benefits from.  It strengthens my connection to spirit and I  have a positive fresh start to each new day.  Since my recent move, it seems nearly impossible to find a quiet moment to just sit and “Ohm out”.

Because of this, I put a request out to the universe.  I asked humbly for the universe to put something in my path. An unmistakable sign to me that my connection to all that is spirit still shone brightly, even without my daily commitment to being still.

The first day passed, no sign.  The second day, nothing.  The third day, I started to worry.  Then I thought to myself.  How could I receive this thing that I had asked for to be put in my path?  The object that I wanted so badly to see was something that would most likely be presented in nature.  The only nature I was seeing was when I walked from my house to the car, from  the car into work, from work back out to my car, and from my car into the house.  I decided, on that third evening, that I would not give up on my request.  I would carry on and make myself more “available to receive”.

The next day was our Holiday Party day at school.  My friend, Paula stopped me as I was on my way past her desk and said “Lesley, I have a gift for you.”  She was tying a student’s sneaker,  so she instructed me to go into her backpack and get out the little box in the front pouch.  I did what she said and retrieved a nicely packaged little box.

She said “Before you open it, I have to tell you a little story.  I was picking out bracelets for my nieces and I was having a hard time deciding what to get them.  I saw a bracelet with a little paw on it and I thought ‘That is perfect for Lesley because of her dogs.’ and then I saw the butterfly bracelets and thought they were perfect for my nieces.  The lady came over to help me and she said ‘Can I help you?’ and I said  ‘Yes, I would like two butterflies’  and then this word came out of my mouth that I wasn’t expecting.  I have no idea where it came from or why I said it, but when she handed me what I had asked for, and I read the card that went with it, I thought ‘Oh my God, I have to get this for Lesley, it is perfect!’.”

With my curiosity piqued, I opened the box.  To my AMAZEMENT it was EXACTLY what I had asked the universe to give me.  I had asked the universe to put a feather in my path, and there it was, on the bracelet in my box.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I didn’t have to change my path to make what I had asked for find me.  Our connection to our angels and our spirit guides doesn’t change because we get too busy.  We are spirit. The universe understands that we have hectic lives and our spirit families understand that too.  Even when we are too busy to remember to blog, or to meditate or to breathe,   please know that we are still supported in every way and guided along on our journeys by those who won’t forget or ever let us down. feather

Thank you to my guides and my angels, to the universe, and to Paula.  I humbly asked for a sign and was given the greatest gift of all, a lesson I will carry with me always.

An App, A Gadget, Some Rods and Results

I always enjoy a day out with my friends and fellow researchers Sean Paradis and Fiona Broome, and this trip was no exception. Fiona purchased some popular ghost hunting gadgets with the intent of testing them out in locations where we have personally experienced spirit activity. Although she had also ordered an EMF pump and the 3rd generation Ovilus with digital readout, the only piece that arrived before our outing was the Ghost Meter Pro.ghost meter pro

We decided to start out at a favorite coffee shop, in Concord, NH.  As we sat at our little table, we caught up and shared new and exciting ideas that we have been mulling about to experiment with, like new and innovative ways to communicate with the spirit world while on investigations. Although I am not at liberty to talk about them yet, I can tell you they are very cool! Sean brought along some interesting tie pins, medallions and other metal pieces that he had purchased at antique shop, just around the corner from where we were, that had some incredible residual energy on them. There was on pin in particular, a little gold cross, that gave both Fiona and me goose bumps from head to toe.

Before heading out to the Old North Cemetery, we decided to visit that antiques shop, to see what else we could find. We perused the store, finding bits and pieces of history that intrigued us, pulling out the EMF meter occasionally, to check out the levels on items we suspected may have some energy attached.   We each left with a couple of super cool items,  some of which might qualify as creepy purchases.   ( I want to go back for that wooden two-seated bench that was once used in a doctor’s office. It had really interesting energy!)  Then, it was off to the Old North Cemetery.

I have seen the Ghost Meter Pro in action, as my friend and founder of the New England Ghost Project, Ron Kolek owns one and had used it recently at the Houghton Mansion during an event. I told Fiona, that from my experience with it, it did seem to answer questions, but I was still on the fence with giving it my stamp of approval.  She turned it on as we approached the grave of President Franklin Pierce. We always seem to have good luck in this “cemetery within a cemetery”.  To test the validity of the answers given by the Ghost Meter Pro, we thought we could ask historical questions that we knew the answers to.

The search mode, where the GMP is supposedly searching for spirit contact, seemed to go on forever. Fiona asked if we had had a similar experience at the Houghton Mansion, and we did not. Search mode was definitely taking longer than I had experienced previously. The GMP did stop a couple times, and we asked a few questions, but before we could ask anything of any consequence, back into search mode it went.fisepres

My genius friend, Sean, (I love the way he thinks!)  had set up an experiment (that for now is a secret) and I stayed behind to monitor it while he and Fiona walked around to the other side of the small cemetery. I could hear the GMP answering questions for them, and when they came back around, Fiona told me that she was very impressed with the results and the GMP’s answers.

We decided to change our position from in front of the Pierce monument, since we weren’t getting much at all. We moved down about 3 graves, toward the exit and next to the iron gate. Sean turned on his Ghost Meter App on his iPhone and I grabbed my pendulum, my back leaning on the gate. I was not watching the equipment, but I felt an energy coming in from behind me, Sean and Fiona witnessed a dot on the radar approach from outside the gate. When I said “Male” the dot hit the center bulls eye on the radar screen and Fiona’s GMP abruptly stopped it’s search mode. Fiona asked “Are you male?” and it responded “Yes”.  I said “Jonathan” as the name popped into my head. Fiona asked “Is your name Jonathan?” and it responded “Yes”.  Fiona asked “Are you buried outside of this gate in the cemetery?” and it responded “Yes”.  So, Fiona said “Let’s go find Jonathan!”

I grabbed some dowsing rods and we left the little cemetery and entered the big cemetery that surrounds the one we were in.  Now, on the outside of the gate, we asked Jonathan to direct us where to go. My dowsing rods immediately turned to the right as we came to the next path to follow. Sean’s Ghost Radar spoke out “Pennsylvania” I giggled as I said “That’s odd, Pennsylvania???” I was in the lead, and started taking baby steps, because I did not know which way I should go, because I felt that I had lost my guidance.  At that very moment Fiona said “Stop! We’ve found Jonathan!”

Fiona and Sean were standing in front of a tall monument with the  well worn name NHvet“Jonathan Wheelock”.  Fiona asked asked “Jonathan, is this your grave?”  The GMP answered “Yes”.  On Jonathan’s grave it indicates that he was a veteran of the battle at Valley Forge, which as we know, is  located in Pennsylvania!

What I think is really cool about this, is the fact that we used intuition, and 3 different pieces of equipment that all seemed to work together seamlessly.   We were all impressed with what had transpired, and we were happy with the role each apparatus had played in reaching our destination, guided by spirit and electronics.

So, what is my opinion of the Ghost Meter Pro now?  Let’s just say, it’s growing on me.