Ask And You Shall Receive

There have been so many changes in my life this past year and I have been so busy.  I have recently moved, I have been writing articles for a new web-based magazine that should be debuting very soon.  I have put yet another of my Newfoundlands through obedience training and I have continued to investigate haunted locations with The New England Ghost Project all while  providing spiritual guidance and Reiki healing to my clients.

I have also been doing what we all do, going to work, taking care of family, and incorporating something really scary into my schedule, that would be going to the gym.  I love my life and being on the go, but unfortunately I have let a few things slide.  One of those things being writing on this web page, and the other, taking time for myself to just be.

When my kids were in college, I would get up each day to a quiet house.  My husband goes to work very early in the mornings, so I would start each new day off with a morning meditation.  I LOVE MEDITATION!  It is the one thing that I can do for myself that I see immediate benefits from.  It strengthens my connection to spirit and I  have a positive fresh start to each new day.  Since my recent move, it seems nearly impossible to find a quiet moment to just sit and “Ohm out”.

Because of this, I put a request out to the universe.  I asked humbly for the universe to put something in my path. An unmistakable sign to me that my connection to all that is spirit still shone brightly, even without my daily commitment to being still.

The first day passed, no sign.  The second day, nothing.  The third day, I started to worry.  Then I thought to myself.  How could I receive this thing that I had asked for to be put in my path?  The object that I wanted so badly to see was something that would most likely be presented in nature.  The only nature I was seeing was when I walked from my house to the car, from  the car into work, from work back out to my car, and from my car into the house.  I decided, on that third evening, that I would not give up on my request.  I would carry on and make myself more “available to receive”.

The next day was our Holiday Party day at school.  My friend, Paula stopped me as I was on my way past her desk and said “Lesley, I have a gift for you.”  She was tying a student’s sneaker,  so she instructed me to go into her backpack and get out the little box in the front pouch.  I did what she said and retrieved a nicely packaged little box.

She said “Before you open it, I have to tell you a little story.  I was picking out bracelets for my nieces and I was having a hard time deciding what to get them.  I saw a bracelet with a little paw on it and I thought ‘That is perfect for Lesley because of her dogs.’ and then I saw the butterfly bracelets and thought they were perfect for my nieces.  The lady came over to help me and she said ‘Can I help you?’ and I said  ‘Yes, I would like two butterflies’  and then this word came out of my mouth that I wasn’t expecting.  I have no idea where it came from or why I said it, but when she handed me what I had asked for, and I read the card that went with it, I thought ‘Oh my God, I have to get this for Lesley, it is perfect!’.”

With my curiosity piqued, I opened the box.  To my AMAZEMENT it was EXACTLY what I had asked the universe to give me.  I had asked the universe to put a feather in my path, and there it was, on the bracelet in my box.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I didn’t have to change my path to make what I had asked for find me.  Our connection to our angels and our spirit guides doesn’t change because we get too busy.  We are spirit. The universe understands that we have hectic lives and our spirit families understand that too.  Even when we are too busy to remember to blog, or to meditate or to breathe,   please know that we are still supported in every way and guided along on our journeys by those who won’t forget or ever let us down. feather

Thank you to my guides and my angels, to the universe, and to Paula.  I humbly asked for a sign and was given the greatest gift of all, a lesson I will carry with me always.

2 thoughts on “Ask And You Shall Receive”

  1. Lesley, I read your posts all the time and I just read this!! Thank you!! I believe in spirits and in angels. When I was younger I had a gift…or premonitions!! I would dream about something, whether it was day or night dreaming and later my dreams would actually happen, just an ex. My gramma (r.i.p) had moved into a green apt. building with black shutters, she lived upstairs in a small bedroom apt! I was about 9 and didn’t know any of this I had a premonition about it among other details and about a month later, I went to see her in her g.apt w/ blck shutters. It was my first premonition, It scared me but fascinated me at the same time. I had many more until I started experimenting with drugs!! Since I’ve been clean I get signs from my deceased family and friends and they come to me and talk to me a lot. Some people think I’m crazy until I prove to them what i’m experiencing. I loved your story, I appreciate and I understand and I’m truly fascinated. You inspire me and make me smile every time I read your posts, and now I get to read stories from you which I think is totally awesome!! I love the fact that you are happy, and have a great family, and extended family with your love for animals!! I don’t have any at the time but my goal is to have another baby in puppy form. I’ve always had cats as a part of my family, now I’m going to get a puppy soon. So I will end this with a Thank you and a good night!! Sweet dreams my friend!!

  2. Love this story, your Newfies, I have one..and all your facebook pictures! I love the ocean and lighthouses. I live across from the ocean with my husband and Newfie across from boston light and graves light.

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