Djinn? What’s a Djinn?

Here, in my little part of the world, I have heard of such things as fairies, aliens, goblins, doppelgangers, banshees, Sasquatch and even pukwudgies. Although I have never encountered these creatures, I can keep an open mind and appreciate the possibility that they are real and that they exist. I have never seen, felt or touched my spleen,  but I believe that it exists.

When I first heard mention of this supernatural creature that I had no knowledge of before, I thought to myself “Djinn? What the heck is that?”.

Djinn are found in the Quran and within Islamic teachings. Mention of the Djinn goes back to pre-Islamic times and through archaeological findings it seems that they were once worshiped.

Djinn are believed to dwell in a world parallel to ours.  They are one of the three perceived  creations of Allah, the other two being humans and angels. Djinn have less power than angels.

Djinn have free will and therefore can come and go as they please.  Just as with any spirit, there are good Djinn and bad. Good Djinn have been helpful to humans and bad Djinn have tormented and created havoc for their victims.

It is said that Djinn can take the form of animals, snakes, vultures, scorpions or to mislead people, they can appear for short periods of time in human form.  They have been said to haunt people and places.   They have also been accused of taking over a person’s body by possession.

So, how do you tell the difference between a Djinn and a human spirit?  Who is to say whether you are being tormented  by a mischievous or ornery human spirit, an extremely rare appearance of a Demon, or if you are being tormented by a Djinn.  I have never had an encounter to be able to advise you on how you could tell the difference.  I would have to seek help from a more knowledgeable source.

In my book,  Medium Rare – A first hand account of growing up experiencing the paranormal, I talk about encountering something in my sister’s home.  I knew that it was not human, I knew that it did not belong to the house and that it was very old.  I did not know and still do not know “what” it was.

As I roam about the Internet in search of information, I see that there are many posts and videos made about the Djinn.  So many accounts of encounters.  So many new questions.

The more I learn about the vastness of spiritual realm, (and I am learning something new everyday), the more I realize that this plane that we live on is such a small part of our existence.   An open mind and an open heart are the keys to answering these very questions.

I will now put the Djinn amongst the other spiritual beings that I am aware of, along with the other creatures and beings into my backpack of knowledge.   Although I have never met most of them, maybe I can prepare myself for the day I that do.

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  1. Dear Lesley, Thank You so very much for the Honor of Your sweet surprise note as I opened Medium, Rare! What a “Feeling” in Your words…Start to finish just Amazing, I could NOT put the book down for a second!!! Very captivating Thanks for sharing and a Happy Halloween to You ~ Love and Light ~

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