Is It All In Your Head?

Recently I have been hearing more and more paranormal researchers changing their positions about people experiencing cold chills in a haunted area.

They are dismissing the personal perception as a mind trick, saying the subject experiencing the cold chill must be mistaken because the air temperature around the person stays at a consistent level.

It is well documented that researchers and others have gotten physically ill and sick to their stomachs, leaving the building for fear of vomiting at reportedly haunted locations.

Could it be possible that what ever it is at the haunted site that causes people to double over with nausea, at a lesser level of intensity, could cause a person’s temperature to rise (or fall)?

I get cold chills when I have a fever or my temp is low.  Maybe it is not the atmospheric temperature that changes, but the researcher’s physical body temperature that does.

The personal experience can not be entered as a scientific documentation, but detailed changes in the physical body that can be  logged and substantiated is a step toward scientific documentation.

Maybe paranormal investigators should include a medical thermometer in their kit and monitor the team member’s temperatures as well as the room temperature at the location they are investigating.

Just a thought.

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