Property of Layers

It was an interesting evening of exploring at the Veasey Estate in Groveland, MA.  The New England Ghost Project checked out the different areas of the building while reporters from the Boston Globe tagged along.   Click here to read their article.

I would like to extend a hearty “Thank You!” to our fearless leader Ron Kolek, Jim Stonier, Karin Ruck, Susan Yeates and our guest investigator Allison Gouveia for another interesting and enjoyable investigation!

Here is an interesting photo from that evening.  Notice the upper right hand window from the church on the property.  What do you see?

3 thoughts on “Property of Layers”

  1. Looks like a face in profile more towards the middle. Facing to the left. Hard to tell without being able to hold it in my hands!

  2. Interesting photo and nice article as well. Would love to take that class but can’t travel to Mass. to do it! Is this a photo you took Lesley or something taken during the investigation? Any report on the results of the investigation? They aren’t mentioned in the article.

    1. Hi Stacy,
      Yes, this photo was taken by me during the investigation at the Veasey Estate. I can tell you that there were some EVPs captured in various spots and some interesting personal experiences, such as lights dancing on walls in the kitchen area, but I have not been informed of the official results of the investigation. When I post things on my site, I post my personal experiences, as the collection of data does not belong to me, but to the NEGP.

      All of the photos on this site belong to me and have been taken by me with one exception. The photo from my wedding was taken by a guest.

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