The Village Smokehouse

Ron Kolek, me, Jim Stonier and Clay Rucker of the New England Ghost Project

On a dark Monday evening, Ron Kolek, Clay Rucker, Jim Stonier and I packed up our equipment and journeyed to The Village Smokehouse in Lowell, MA. We were welcomed by staff members of  the Howl In Lowell, an online magazine that covers everything happening in the area.  We also were greeted by Rosemary Kellerher, who’s husband, Tim, owns the 4 story structure and worked countless hours by himself reconstructing the building.

One day, Tim was convinced there was someone in the building with him as he was working alone. He picked up a 2x4 and searched the building, looking for the unwanted trespasser. There was no one.

Kitchen workers hear voices, feel people pass by when there is no one to be seen, and have things move to places they shouldn’t be.

Bartenders get creeped out when they have to go down into the basement area where the spare liquor is stored. One bartender/bouncer told me the always thinks he is going to see a little boy looking back at him, and he expects him to be wearing a newsboy cap and garb.

When I was ready to enter the building, I knew none of this. I was not even told where we were going.

As we walked into the front door of  the building, I felt as if it was used for some kind of trade, BIG money trade where lawyers would need to be involved.  Rich men with fancy suits and pocket watches from the late 1800’s.

We entered the bar on the right and I had a feeling of energy in the pit of my stomach and a painful sensation in my jaw.

I was made aware of a male who was not a residual haunt, but rather an intelligent spirit who walks the building and makes himself known to others through making noises, physically touching things, but nothing to do with the initial image of rich men.  This was an average working Joe, from a later time period.

We entered the men’s room, not much going on in there.  Then we went into the ladies room.  I felt sick in the stall that was closest to the back of the room, like something terrible had happened, a death.  I felt like it was a rift between two men with an unfortunate outcome.  Ron asked what the space was used for before it was the bathroom.  Rosemary replied that the area in which we were standing was once a bar, and there was a man who confronted his wife’s lover in the bar and killed him.

On the floors above I was sensing that there was physical movement, that things were touched and moved by unseen hands.

I asked if people could hear heavy things being dragged across the floors and unexplained noises.  The answer was yes.  I believe this to be the work of the same male I was picking up on when I entered the first floor.

We headed downstairs to the basement.  The energy level and atmosphere in the basement was thick.  Each member of the Ghost Project felt the difference that the basement presented.

As Rosemary brought me into a walk in cooler where the kegs are kept, I asked her if anyone had been touched in there.  I felt that things would be actually be in physical contact with spirit.

Rosemary told me that no on had been touched, but the knobs that keep the beer flowing from the kegs to the bar would be completely turned off, for no reason.  Only Tim and the beer salesman are allowed to touch them.

I also got the impression that there was a passageway from across the street that led into the basement, where “less than legal” happenings took place.  Rosemary brought us to a tunnel that has been closed up.  During an EVP session in this tunnel entrance way Jim caught what sounds like a man laughing at him.

Tunnel that leads to the buildings across the street

As we made our way through the basement to the office area, Rosemary was perplexed.  A door to an internal office, which is ALWAYS locked because of it’s contents, was wide open and unlocked.  She made a phone call to the person who works in there to ask if the door had been closed and locked when they left.  The answer was “Of course it was”.

We climbed the stairs to the 2nd floor and eventually came upon an elevator.  I felt there was an accident associated with the elevator.  Somehow I think there was a male who fell, and there may have been a woman involved, leaving behind an imprint of sorrow.

On the third floor, Ron felt like he wanted to dance, like he should be bouncing up and down.  We learned that it had once been a Jazz club.  (Go Ron!)  In another area of the third floor I was picking up a tightness in my neck, usually associated with a hanging.  The energy on that floor seemed to be swirling around us, and again it felt male.

On the fourth floor, I felt like there should have been a stage, or a performance going on.  There was dust and a dead bird’s carcass on the floor.

Ron asked me what I was picking up.  I had an image of one of the rich men.  He was wearing a light brown/tan suit, but the jacket had been taken off.  He had a pocket watch in a pocket of his vest.  I had him first appear in my head as we climbed the last stairs onto the 4th floor.

As I walked across the floor, I felt as if the “cable went out”.  You know, that feeling when you are losing consciousness, and then chest pain.  I am not sure if this man died in the building from this heart attack, but it definitely happened in that room.

We decided to do some dowsing to try to make contact.  I pulled out my pendulum, and as soon as I did, I felt a male energy come close.  It was the same male from downstairs, in the bar fight.  He answered our questions, although, some of the answers did not seem to fit.

I think that he answered honestly, but we may have asked the questions too quickly or maybe some queries were worded in an ambiguous way.

After searching all of the floors we again were on the first floor.  While Ron and I sat for Ron’s interview, Clay, Jim and Rosemary went outside.  As they were looking up at the building they noticed lights upstairs.  They all went upstairs to investigate.  Clay told me that there were firefly like lights and audible noises.

Rosemary was quite shaken, because whoever they had encountered up there left scratches on her face.  You can see her state of uneasiness as she then sat down for her interview in the video below.



You can also read the article which can be seen here that was posted by the lovely reporters from Howl In Lowell.


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